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A small, focused, caring team of accomplished entrepreneurs who stay forever-curious through writing and appreciate your company.

Before becoming writers, researchers, and storytellers, we held leadership-track positions at companies like Google, The Next Web, Mashable, Investopedia, Citrix, Merck, Kaiser, and Airbnb. We also wrote for publications like Scientific American, Inc, CMO.com, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and FastCompany. We love what we do, have strong domain expertise, are relentless learners, and became consultants to pursue our true callings as writers. As a group, we run as a well-oiled, larger organization. Our business model brings interesting people together to solve content-related challenges through data-driven practices. Every one of our clients' teams have unique compositions. Every single storyteller on our team leads a double-life as an entrepreneur who is building his or her small business. The talent is unparalleled. You can read a little bit about them and their companies, on the bottom of this page here

A framework for marketing consulting, strategic optimization guidance, and campaign planning. 

We use a mix of techniques ranging from social science research to collaborative content planning and co-creation  to turn tough-to-wrangle, complex ideas into digestible pieces of content. Every blog post, ebook, landing page, or messaging strategy audit brings in expertise from multiple creative and analytical perspectives. We simplify review and approval processes to keep things simple for you. We also keep things cost effectively and predictibly within budget at a per-project fee. That makes our services affordable to startup customers that have strong business models but need to be mindful about their budgets. Same applies to big companies. For instance, we once built a series of blog posts that became an ebook that became an in-person enterprise workshop that became the bare bones of an online course.

A hyper-tailored, well-informed strategic/operational plan that will work for you.

We plan every piece of content that we create with respect to constraints/needs + marketing/storytelling campaign/business objectives. If those frameworks don't exist for your company, we'll build them along the way at different stages of our work together. Before we start working together, the Storyhackers team answers the question, "what would we do in your shoes?" and then come up with a concept. This upfront process ensures healthier communication and more constructive relationships. Everyone gets a unique plan with business goal optimization and creative cost conservation as central focal points. Sometimes, this process takes two-way dialogue. So we're unusually blunt. But we always try to be fun/constructive/good to work with, no matter the scenario.

A refreshing, bird's-eye perspective to highlight your unique positioning.

We’re pattern recognition machines. Behind the scenes, we’re tinkerers who attend VR conferences, self-explorers who participate in silent meditations, and engineers who enjoy experimenting with new programming languages, APIs, and equipment. We actively study the needs of your market by conducting thousands of qualitative interviews and working with hundreds of leading companies each year. Some people on our team are nomads or are living in different parts of the world "just because," dual citizens who are creating cross-continential businesses, and prioritize travel in our work. We're hard workers, enjoy managing a lot of creative projects, and have fun. We enjoy getting to know our long-term partners, sharing what we are learning, and bringing new ideas to the table since we work with so many types of customers too. Our presene brings unique marketing perspective from a sociological and consumer/B2B perspective, for a variety of markets. We love finding unique, tasteful, authentic, and true-to-you ways to help you shine.


We've received sage advice to "appreciate the journey." But we also get things done. We're efficient like that. But we also have fun.