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We're building online courses using timeless principles of storytelling.

Storyhackers has an alter-ego. In addition to being creative consultants, we are data-analyzers and process builders. When companies hire us, our relationships usually succeed/fail due to a mix of process, strategy, and patience. We have turned these processes + everything we've learned into workshops that help you work through business communication challenges (like blogging).

We test these methods by designing workshops for organizations like Adobe, Hult International Business School, General Assembly, Lean Startup Company, MarketingProfs, and Femgineer. We also coach hundreds of founders and leaders in their fields. We use these methods ourselves as a company and are excited to share them with others.


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These courses incorporate a mix of videos, case studies, examples, and workshops. Once you're done with each workshop or course, you'll have built something that you've probably procrastinated building for a while. The goal is to help learners make a little progress each day. The courses flex to your attention span and gives you skills that you can use forever. We use media-masterminded techniques to make learning experiencing entertaining, too.

If you're interested in receiving updates when these online education programs launch or explore how they could fit into your company/team, send us an email. If you'd like us to design a custom storytelling coaching program or workshop for your company (for your employees or customers), ping us too. You can reach us at hello@storyhackers.com.


Roya Sabeti


The Storyhackers founders have built a company that empowers everyone around them to learn, grow, and share knowledge. They are generous in volunteering their time, connecting new entrepreneurs with stepping stones and resources, and bringing value to the Galvanize community. Mentees have described Ritika's coaching sessions as 'better than expected.' When we included Storyhackers on a live Q&A panel, the group, alongside fellow leading entrepreneurs in the diversity and inclusion space, we generated a record-setting NPS score across all Galvanize campuses in the United States.

Kati Holland


As a storytelling consultant, Storyhackers provided me with the resources, actionable steps, and confidence I needed to: double my rate and turn my passion for writing into my main source of income—in less than a year, work for myself and start my own company in the food space, and learn how to say “no” to clients, projects, or other opportunities that don’t align with my long-term goals. Most importantly, Storyhackers' founders are some of the most empathetic, creative, and hardworking individuals that I have ever come in contact with. Their commitment to serving others is rare in Silicon Valley, and every community they touch is better because of them. (See Kati's company, Pearl Butter, here).